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Lost Moon
award-winning fantasy

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Three women. Two worlds. One destiny.
Kepriah of Landerbury is on the run from bounty hunters, who want her head. Larisa of Donigere endures a great tragedy that leaves her clinging to life. Patrice Aurora Gray believes she may be going insane.

These three women must fulfill a magical destiny in order to save their worlds. Will they become the most powerful sorceresses in history? Or will tragic loss and conflicting ambitions cause them to forfeit that destiny and destroy two worlds?
Desert Magick
Teadai Prophecies
Teen Adventures
Lost Moon

"I could not put the book down, I so wanted to know what was going to happen next. I couldn't recommend a book more highly." ~ Amazon reviewer

"...I was sorry that this was a stand-alone book because I wanted to continue to read about the characters forever. I absolutely LOVED this book!" ~ Amazon Customer
Beyond the Gate