Book 5 - Haboob

Book 4 - Phoenix Lights

Book 3 - Day of the Dead
Book 2 - Dream Catcher

Book 1 - Superstitions
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"Five-star excellent! The characters are engaging, the writing proficient and breezy...You'll love it." Jacqueline Lichtenberg (author of Star Trek Lives!) in The Monthly Aspectarian

"Desert Magick: Superstitions is a short and entertaining paranormal mystery. The story will keep you interested...Vivid images of the Arizona desert come alive on the pages..." ~ Nights and Weekends

"Dana Davis is a skilled and confident storyteller. Her bold characters ignite the action with wit, intelligence, and just enough sass to win your heart." Marilyn McGrath, creative writing teacher and author of All You Know On Earth

"Ms. Davis has crafted an intriguing world for her Desert Magick series…I was enchanted by this melding of contemporary Arizona with myths and legends from a variety of cultures. I loved the interaction between these characters…I'm impatient to read the next book..." P.G. Forte, author

"I highly recommend these books for anyone who enjoys paranormal and/or urban fantasy, especially with a touch of romance and strong heroines." Katy's Babblings book reviews
About the Desert Magick books 

Superstitions (Book 1)

Daisy Hammel-Kavanaugh lives a perfectly average life in the Arizona desert, except for one thing. She's a witch. Her relatives and ancestors consist of various, and sometimes colorful, paranormals. When Daisy is attacked by a mystical, ghost-like figure, she must enlist the aid of those she trusts in her quest to find and eliminate this enemy before he destroys her.

There's another problem. To ensure her success, she must somehow get her hands on a treasured and protected Native American artifact, without pissing off the entire Indian community. Desert creatures, ancient myths, sex and magick abound in Daisy's world but can she trust herself to know what is real and what isn't?


Dream Catcher (Book 2)

Arizona witch Daisy Hammel-Kavanaugh recently survived a terrible enemy that threatened her family. She has the physical and mental scars to prove it. Now, with the aid of her husband Noah and her feisty redheaded cousin Bridgette, she's turned her sights on a siren who has taken up residence in the Phoenix area. But just when Daisy thinks she's getting her life under control again, her college-age cousin Zoey reveals a disturbing family secret.

Two years ago, Zoey Vega lost those closest to her. Now, in the process of moving on with her life, she attends Arizona State University and has a hunky boyfriend to boot. But a family secret revealed on her twenty-first birthday puts Zoey at the heart of a struggle that will determine the future of all humanity. In her desperation, she reaches out to her kick-ass witch of a cousin for help. But Zoey is young and inexperienced. Even with Daisy's assistance, she might not overcome what awaits her. And if she fails, humankind will suffer a most terrible fate.


Day of the Dead (Book 3)

After struggling with ghostly visits and several paranormal nasties the past few months, Daisy Hammel-Kavanaugh wants nothing more than a normal life with her husband, Noah. But the Day of the Dead is more than just a holiday for this Arizona witch. Disturbing things are going on in the afterlife and Daisy is the focus.

As she helps her cousin hunt for a mysterious person who can control the dead, Bridgette grapples with guilt over a secret that's haunted her for twenty-two years. A secret that could be related to Daisy's current problem. But Daisy has a secret of her own. One that just might send her to an early grave.


Phoenix Lights (Book 4)

Ghosts, mystery lights, suspicious deaths, afterlife secrets. Daisy Hammel-Kavanaugh's life just got more interesting. Her new medium powers frighten her but that's nothing compared to what followed her back from the afterlife. Until Daisy can neutralize the murderous hitchhiker spirit she unleashed on the living world, she must delay searching for the necromancer who soulnapped her mother and started this whole afterlife business in the first place. But this Arizona witch is just a novice medium and knows zilch about handling the dead.

After twenty-two years, Bridgette's friend finally comes out of his stupor. But she senses darkness in him, something that doesn't belong, and struggles to find out what happened to him all those years ago when they were teenagers. And because Daisy's new powers make her harder to read telepathically, Bridgette fears for her cousin's safety and the close relationship they've had since childhood.


Haboob (Book 5)

Shocking secrets reveal a disturbing past in Daisy and Bridgette's family tree, secrets that would change history if mortals ever learn about them. But they have other problems that need their immediate attention. The young Dream Catcher will lose her sanity unless the new coven can save the girl. And a necromancer, obsessed with destroying Daisy's family line, weakens the veil between the living and the dead. The new coven must invoke ancient and dangerous magick to protect everyone, but they could lose Daisy forever.
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